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Gifti is an application that combines the sense of community from social media with the ability to send meaningful gifts from any store to your contacts in a simple and fun way. With Gifti, you can take photos of special moments, tag products in the photos, and allow your friends to purchase the products directly from the images. Additionally, you can create personalized wish lists, follow your friends, socially interact with their gift choices, and receive reminders for important events.


The work process to develop the Gifti application was divided into several key stages. I started with market research and user feedback, which allowed me to create a "user persona." This user persona became the primary guide for the design and development of the application.

The next phase focused on app design. I began by creating a user flow, which is a visual representation of the steps users will take within the app. This helped us understand how users would navigate through Gifti and identify any potential friction points.

Next, I progressed to wireframing, which allowed me to sketch the app's structure in more detail. Here, we defined the layout of on-screen elements and basic interactions.

Regarding the visual aspect of the app, I made decisions based on the data collected. For example, after receiving feedback about the comfort of the dark mode during an initial survey, I decided to use it as the primary design theme.


The testing stage was crucial. I sent users a functional prototype of the app along with a survey to gather their opinions. This provided us with both quantitative and qualitative data on usability and user experience.

Finally, I conducted additional user interviews to obtain more detailed feedback and gather qualitative information that helped me fine-tune the final details of Gifti. This iterative process allowed us to create an app that effectively caters to the needs and preferences of our users.

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