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In this Take Home Challenge, I was presented with an opportunity to redesign Coppel's sales website. The challenge involved addressing Coppel's dissatisfaction with its current site's performance and aiming to compete with popular online sales platforms like Mercado Libre and Amazon. With a tight deadline of 48 hours, I took on the task of improving the sales page's design to enhance user experience.


At first glance, I noticed the excessive use of the color red to announce site offers, as well as elements with minimal spacing between them, resulting in visual discomfort. Upon closer inspection, I observed inconsistent alignments of text within the product cards, an abundance of yellow color, which is one of the brand's trademarks, and very small font sizes.


Through iterative design and quick decision-making, I delivered a comprehensive redesign that aligns with Coppel's ambitions and offers a seamless shopping experience for its users. The time-sensitive nature of the challenge pushed me to work efficiently and prioritize crucial design elements within the given timeframe. This project showcases my ability to handle tight deadlines while delivering impactful design solutions that address the client's specific objectives.


For the final design, I reduced the use of red and yellow colors to avoid visual fatigue. I also increased the spacing between site elements and grouped sections to make them stand out from the background and other elements. This way, it's easier to scan the site, identify products, and find what users are looking to purchase.


This challenge provided a valuable opportunity to redesign Coppel's sales website, with the aim of enhancing user experience and competing with industry-leading e-commerce platforms. Through careful analysis and iterative design, I successfully addressed the observed issues, such as the excessive use of colors, inconsistent alignments, and lack of spacing. By implementing a more user-friendly interface and optimizing visual elements, the final design offers a comfortable shopping experience for users.

Within the 48-hour timeframe, I demonstrated my ability to work efficiently and make informed design decisions while staying true to the brand's identity.

This project showcases my skills in UX/UI design, problem-solving, and attention to detail, which will undoubtedly contribute to creating impactful and engaging digital experiences in future endeavors.

During the 48-hour time frame, I applied my UX/UI design skills to identify pain points, create a user-centric approach, and implement design improvements. My goal was to revamp the website's interface to make it more appealing, intuitive, and efficient for users. Considering Coppel's aspiration to rival leading e-commerce platforms, I focused on optimizing navigation, enhancing product display, and streamlining the checkout process.

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