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Online platform focused on individuals interested in learning about finance as a tool for personal financial education, managing their own business administration, and acquiring new skills to excel in their careers.

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In this project, we focused on designing an online course platform centered around finance topics, with the aim of offering an enhanced and engaging user experience for individuals interested in learning about personal financial topics.

Competitor Analysis:

We began with a competitive analysis, examining popular platforms like Coursera and Udemy to identify their strengths and areas for improvement. Using Figma, we created a comparison map (FigJam) to identify opportunities for differentiation and standout features.

User Definition:

Further research allowed us to deeply understand the needs and preferences of our target users. We created personas representing different user segments, guiding our design decisions with a user-centric approach.

Research findings:

  • The target user community is often uninformed about finance topics or how to start their own business.

  • For users aged 45-60 to comfortably use the platform, the design needs to include large and readable fonts, as well as white space to keep the design clear and simple.

  • Younger generations are more mobile-oriented, so a mobile-first approach was adopted for this design.

Visual References:

We sought inspiration from existing designs and visual references related to finance and online education. This helped establish a cohesive visual direction for the project.


Using the gathered information, we designed detailed wireframes, starting with the mobile version before proceeding to the web version.  Wireframes allowed us to assess the structure and flow before diving into visual details.

Final Design:

The final stage involved executing the visual design of the platform, incorporating necessary visual elements and interactions to enhance the user experience. Emphasis was placed on maintaining an intuitive and user-friendly interface with a focus on navigation and readability.


This project allowed me to work collaboratively with my team and apply my UX/UI design skills in a real-world context, from the initial research to the final design phase. I learned the importance of collaboration and iteration in the design process and how focusing on the user can make a significant difference in the product's success.

The next step for this project would be to conduct usability testing through iterations and gather user feedback to ensure the highest quality in the final product and meet the users' needs effectively.

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